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getting and giving help with Legal Challenges

We all chat about the challenges we are having in our lives.  We may talk to family, friends, people who help us in shops, medical offices, schools, recreation centers-  pretty much everywhere and anywhere.  Often these challenges involve the law.  It is fairly easy to identify family or criminal law issues- but sometimes we can forget that day to day living experiences in areas like; housing, income, employment, social assistance, education, health and well-being are also often legally based.  And that what we really need is reliable legal information and/or legal advice. 

Legal Information means general, factual information about the law and the legal process.  Legal information is neutral.

Legal Advice, involves giving guidance regarding a person’s legal rights and obligations – based upon their particular facts and circumstances.

In Ontario- only specific people can provide Legal Advice-

  • LawyersParalegalsCommunity Workers at Legal Clinics

So when we are chatting or talking to someone looking for help- remember that if someone who is not one of the folks above and is making suggestions on what should be done (ie- hold back rent, not provide requested documents) think twice, and call someone like the Legal Clinic 613-932-2703.  If you are not one of the folks above- you can provide reliable information- but stay away from suggestions on what to do or explaining the specifics of the circumstances. The best suggestion you can make is to refer your friend, your customer, your patient, your family member… to the Legal Clinic.

Keep in mind there is a great deal of legal misinformation out there- and plenty of myths about these challenges.  Check out   Home – Steps to Justice  as a great source for Legal Information- and help recognizing when to look for Legal advice. 


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